About Solas Studios

Solas Studios Photography was established in February 2010 by Colleen and Gregory Dunbar. The word "Solas" comes from the Irish-Gaelic language which means "Light" and was chosen to be part of the business name due to Colleen + Greg's Irish heritage. Their favorite colors are coincidentally orange and green, so it couldn't have made a better fit!

In our quest to learn more about photography, and to improve our skills, we met in our second semester of college, in a color photo class we both were taking together. Recognizing each others unique and individual talents, styles, and passions, we quickly found that we had one thing in common - the desire to make a living doing what we love best. Working together for several semesters on class projects and assignments, Colleen decided to ask Greg to be her second shooter at a wedding. We worked very well together, and enjoyed it so much that we decided to venture out, and begin our own photography business. The rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been “attached at the hip” ever since.

Images © Calypso Rae

Partners, Lovers, and Dreamers

Greg is shy and quiet, and Colleen does all the talking. During the formal shots, Greg hides behind the camera and takes the photos, while Colleen directs and guides their subjects. Colleen is a morning person, and Greg is a night owl. When one is hot, the other is certain to be cold. Greg is more technical, and Colleen has an overwhelming attention to detail. Greg loves landscape photography, so he tends to take wedding photos with a wide open scene. Looking at the "bigger picture" he incorporates the landscape into the photograph. Colleen on the other hand, zeroes in on the emotion and symbolism, and loves taking those up-close detail shots. Because we are opposites, we feed off of each others strengths. We work well together, and in our differing approaches and different visions, create a large variety of works of art that our clients love, cherish. And behind the scenes, it's much the same way. It’s quite evident, that Colleen and Greg are perfect examples of that old saying... Opposites really do attract!

On February 14th, 2013, Colleen and Greg officially tied the knot in a private ceremony, held at Onondaga Community College, in the lighting studio where they bonded in 2009. Our love for photography brought us together, and it only made sense to exchange our wedding vows in the place that made it all happen! Complete with our orange and green theme, that we have come to love just as much as we love each other! We are now husband and wife photography duo; Colleen M. and Gregory A. Dunbar.

Colleen & Greg