Jada Turns One = Birthday | Birthday Photography at Spinning Wheel, North Syracuse NY

There’s nothing more fun for me than to photograph small children! After all, it’s where I found my interest in photography. Unhappy with commercial portraits of my own children, I decided I was going to do it myself! The rest is history of course, but in taking so many photos of children over the years, I have found that they are the most fun to photograph, because they don’t care about looking pretty, silly looking faces, double chins, or making sure their clothes aren’t wrinkled or spotted. They are who they are, and they are happy for you to capture all of that on film. Well…most of the time!

So, when presented with the opportunity to photograph Jada’s first birthday party, we  jumped at the chance to do it! Or at least I did! :]

For me, this isn’t “work”, it’s a fun and easy way to get images that become candid works of art! And that’s just what we got!  Thank you so much Mike and Nicole for letting us be a part of Jada’s special day!

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