Engagement Session at Franklin Square, Syracuse NY ♥ Amanda + Thomas

Every now and again, wedding photographers get to be a part of a wedding for someone who is a close part of their lives. This year, we will be celebrating the very special union of two people who are near and dear to us.

Amanda and Tommy have been together longer than we have known them. Back in 2007, Colleen met Amanda at her very first college class. Amanda strolled in (late as usual) and picked a seat next to her, in one of her art classes.
As the semester went on, we found that we also took Art History together. We bonded very quickly, and became fast friends. Not long after that, Greg came along, and we were very often seen wandering campus together.

Over the years, Amanda has become a great friend to us! Whenever we have been able to drag Tommy away from the computer, we have learned that he is a great match for Amanda!
Amanda – or Mandy as we have always called her- and Tommy took a special place for us, at our own wedding, and we can’t wait to be there for them as well!

Being a wedding photographer has made the job as Matron of Honor a bit of a challenge. Especially the part about getting Mandy moving on the planning phase, but one thing is for sure, she WILL be on time for her ceremony! It was a pleasure to be the one to take their engagement photos, even though Mandy was late to that, too. We had a lot of fun wandering about Franklin Square Park, and loved getting to see the two of them look so cute! A special “thank you” to my daughter Deena, as well, for assisting us that day! We are honored, and excited to celebrate with you both, in just a few SHORT months. 🙂

Le gach dea-ghuí,
(With all good wishes)

Colleen (& Greg)

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