A few words from us about the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy

There are no words significant enough to express our sadness over the senseless tragedy that affected the lives of so many, in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday. Just to say that our thoughts are with them, just doesn’t feel like enough.

Each day, we wake up and go about our normal daily lives, never knowing what things we will encounter.  That “not knowing” can be a blessing, and a curse all at the same time.  When something like this happens, people struggle to find the right words to comfort those who have suffered a loss. They try to find ways to lift the spirits of those affected, to distract them from that which has brought them so much pain and strife. It’s never an easy task. When the loss is that of a child, or many children, and adults, it rips apart a community. Sending those people reeling into a dark place; a nightmare that those affected only wish to wake from.  There is no taking it back.

Of the 28 souls lost or taken yesterday, thousands will be affected. Many of them, affected for the remainder of their lives. Some of them will never recover from the trauma that they endured. So while we watch or read the news, and our thoughts go toward those who were lost, remember most those who will live forever in grief, fear, and contempt. Keep them in your thoughts, your prayers, and most of all, your hearts. Some have said that this is the worst time of year for a tragedy, and while their expression was made with good intention, there is NO good time for a tragedy. However, there is no better time to make amends with your loved ones, and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. As witnessed yesterday, you never know when that chance may be lost or taken from you. The road to recovery will be long, and difficult, but we hope that each and every one of the people affected will have the love and support they need to carry them on their journey.

Peace and love be with us all. Today, tomorrow, and always, but most of all in our darkest hours.

Le gach dea-ghuí,
(With all good wishes)

Colleen & Greg

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