May – Part One – Month of Madness!

May was an INCREDIBLY busy month for us! So, in honor of the month that test more than just our sanity, we will be splitting our May post into multiples!

The month started off with a bang. We were invited to a wedding for my friend’s brother. We weren’t photographer, just guests. It was strange going to a wedding and not being either the photographer or in the wedding party, but I kind of liked it! I got a couple of fun photos of my friend, with her nephew and her boyfriend that I edited to put up on Facebook. And of course the bride and groom.

Greg and I both started new jobs, Greg at the end of April, and myself the first week of May. That alone is hard to do, getting to know new people, new things, and a new routine. Amidst everything else, it was especially difficult.

The next couple of weeks we spent cleaning and packing, because we were preparing to move at the end of the month.
It was very chaotic trying to make sure that we didn’t pack the things we would be needing for the rest of the month. And with Graduating, and shooting a wedding still to go, it was…interesting.

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