May – Part Four – Moving Day!

The weekend following the Chemotti-Bitler wedding, we spent 3 days in the lovely high 80 degree temperatures, moving from Marcellus to Liverpool. We have gotten everything here, but it’s going to take a while to get everything just the way we want it. We got a new desk, shelf, and other office supplies for our new office, and a fresh coat of orange paint for the walls.

If you haven’t noticed, or you haven’t met us yet, I will fill you in on the “orange and green”. Greg’s favorite color is orange and mine is green. It was a rather funny realization early on, when we both discovered we were both of Irish heritage. The Irish Flag is none other than orange and green…and of course white. Not only that, but Greg and I were both born in the month of March, and March is widely known for St. Patrick’s Day, the day for people of Irish decent to celebrate their heritage. Since that realization, we spun off of that to what would become the basis of our business name. “Solas” is the Gaelic word for “light”, and “photography” literally means “to paint or draw with light”. If you look at our main logo, you will see that it’s none other than orange and green. The font used for our name is a Celtic font, and it includes a lighthouse, to further represent “light”. So, yes, it is a theme, and that’s the story behind it. And so our office, along with a LOT of our belongings, will be orange with green accents. Oh and of course a little bit of white. 😉

Getting back on topic, we will be for the coming weeks be trying to set everything up, organize all of our business things, and getting comfortable in our new place. So bear with us while we get settled, and we hope to be able to post photos of the new office soon.

Tomorrow, we have a shoot scheduled to photograph Daniel, who recently turned one! We will be taking some family portraits as well, with his Mom and Dad, and their canine family member! We hope that the Central New York weather holds out for us to get some great shots! So stayed tuned, now that we have caught ourselves up on the blog, we hope to be able to post images frequently! Until then…

Regards –

Colleen (and Greg)

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