Cindy + Kenny = Married | Wedding Photography at St Vincent de Paul, Lincoln Park & Justin’s Grill, Syracuse NY

We were very happy when Cindy and Kenny came to meet with us, to discuss their wedding. And even more thrilled when they invited us to be part of their special day!

The day started out with a bit of anxiety, since the weather forecast called for some pretty nasty rain and thunderstorms later in the day – right about the time that we would be preparing to leave the church. But as the day progressed, it was apparent that Mother Nature was working in Cindy and Kenny’s favor. The warm glow of the sun lit up the day almost as much as their love for one another.

A beautiful and elegant Cindy, walked gracefully down the aisle with her father, to meet her groom at St. Vincent de Paul Church in Syracuse. The priest performed a lovely ceremony that joined their love and their hearts together in marriage. Following the ceremony, we made a quick trip up the hill to Lincoln Park. We loved getting the chance to take them up there to see the city from up above, and it proved to be a beautiful backdrop for their formal photos. The families were both so much fun to work with, and had a great sense of humor. And it shows in their photos! Once the bridal party was all loaded back up into the bus, we headed off to Justin’s Grill in East Syracuse, to begin the celebration!

Receptions are always a lot of fun, it’s when everyone let’s their hair down, and has a good time. People mingle and laugh, and enjoy yummy food. But what makes a great start to the party? The bride and groom being announced to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and A BRIDE AND BRIDESMAID’S DANCE! We were so entertained and excited to see the bride and her favorite girls, perform a fun and well choreographed dance for all of the guests. They all lined up on the dance floor, and danced their hearts out! We’re sure that this fun part of the night must have taken a lot of time and practice, but they mastered it so well!

Justin’s Grill provided us a with a delicious array of food. Yummy fruit, veggies and dip, and a variety of cheeses for an appetizer for a sure winner for us too! We loved the pink lighting, and how it was fun and classy at the same time. Their upbeat choices in music kept everyone up, and having fun all night long! We really enjoyed ourselves, and we want to thank all of Cindy and Kenny’s friends and family for making our job so easy and enjoyable! Best wishes to the happy couple, for a long, and loving marriage!

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