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Engagement Session at SUNY Cortland and Syracuse, NY ♥ Sarah + Adam

One of the first things Sarah and Adam mentioned to us, when they contacted us after their engagement, was that they had “Bruce”, their feline fur baby. They saw our special page about Smeagól, and that’s what first attracted them to us! We’ve come to notice that we attract a lot of pet owners, and that’s quite alright with us! It was no surprise that Sarah and Adam wanted Bruce to be a part of their engagement session. So since Bruce is not much of fan of travel, we started our evening with them at their apartment, for a quick session with Bruce. Cats are usually curious in nature, and can be hard to make friends with. Bruce was no exception. The first image in our blog tonight, was actually a happy accident, during a test shot for lighting, that Colleen took upon our arrival. Hilariously enough, it was very indicative of how Bruce reacted to us being in his home. He crept around the apartment for a few minutes, checking out not only us, but also our gear. He warmed up to us only slightly, so my guess is he’s not a Canon shooter. Now I don’t claim to be a cat whisperer, but you can pretty much tell by the look on a cat’s face what he’s thinking. This one had “Are you for real?” written all over his face. After a few minutes of shooting, Bruce got bored with us, and we took that as our cue to get on the road to Cortland. All day it…
Wedding at The Genesee Grande, Syracuse, NY ♥ Sarah + AdamAugust 21, 2015 - 1:50 pm

[…] with them last summer, when we met up with them, and their four-legged fur-kid, Bruce, for their engagement session. That day, Bruce stole the show, but on their wedding day, they got to enjoy the attention all to […]