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Wedding at Marriott Syracuse Downtown, Syracuse, NY ♥ Laura + Patrick

We had been really looking forward to Laura and Patrick’s wedding at Marriott Syracuse Downtown this year! Also known to the locals as Hotel Syracuse, this historic wedding venue has seen a lot of brides and grooms tie the knot since its opening in 1924, and when it was renovated and re-opened for business last year, we were excited to be able to celebrate there with this wonderful couple on their wedding day! It was hard to imagine their wedding being anything less than perfect, after their amazing engagement session last fall. If you missed our blog post for their session, you can check it out here. It’s one of our all-time favorites! We had an amazing day with the bride and groom, and even though the threat of rain had us biting our nails for a minute, Mother Nature came through. A pretty sizeable downpour happened during their ceremony at Assumption Church, but went away long before it had a chance to affect their day. We made a stop at one of the area’s most well-known parks for their portraits, and though under construction, Laura and Patrick managed to make the place look amazing. Their reception was off the charts! With the help of Lindsey at the Marriott, and the musical talents of Kirk at Select Receptions,  the splendor of their celebration the even attracted a few unexpected guests to check it out! It was great getting to work with Kirk a second time this season, and the guests thoroughly enjoyed the music with an evening full of dancing!…

Knapp Winery Wedding, Romulus, NY ♥ Maggie + John

Maggie and John’s wedding at Knapp Winery was one we won’t soon forget! It was a perfect summer day with the most beautiful blue skies and, white, billowy clouds. Their intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends was extra special and befitting for such a sweet couple. They walked to their ceremony location in the field hand-in-hand, and met their friends who officiated the ceremony in the center of a circle made of beautiful flowers. A short, but sweet ceremony was followed by a romantic, sun-lit dinner beside the vineyards. The meal and dessert fit for a king was served to their guests as the golden sun set behind them. We wrapped up the evening with a few portraits in the vineyard and by the pond. Ceremony: Knapp Winery Reception and Catering: Executive Chef John McNabb – Knapp Winery Officiant: Ali Churchman and Josh Piejko Thank you, Maggie and John, for inviting us to be a part of your heartwarming wedding celebration! It was such a pleasure being there to capture such an important day in your lives! We wish you all the best, and many happy years of marriage! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all good wishes) Colleen & Greg Be sure to watch the highlight video below for more images of their day! Content, images, and video are © Solas Studios 2017Reproduction, screen captures, and use of content are prohibited without written permission.  …

Cornell Botanic Gardens Portrait Session, Ithaca, NY ♥ Sara & Aaron

We’re excited to share our recent Cornell Botanic Gardens Portrait Session with Sara & Aaron, in Ithaca, NY! The gardens are absolutely gorgeous and have become a very highly requested place for our clients’ engagement sessions, and there’s no doubt that we’ve come to enjoy them as much as our couples! Each and every time we’ve visited, we have a new and unique experience, finding something we hadn’t seen before. Like this sweet little overlooked spot that Sara and Aaron enjoyed surrounded by the lush greenery as they sat for a few portraits.The Lewis Building is a fantastic spot on every side, and makes for lovely portraits no matter which side you choose.It’s been a while since we had time to visit Houston Pond, and we were happy to get the chance to get some portraits there as the sun began to set.They say that timing is everything, and whoever “they” are, they really know there stuff. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought the portraits below were taken during a lovely autumn evening. But actually, the setting sun cast a very vibrant orange glow along the trees behind the pond. And as if one view wasn’t enough, the perfectly positioned Houston Pond gave us twice as much to fawn over, with the prettiest reflection. We were fortunate enough to include little Emma in a couple of portraits too. There was the threat of a cold and rainy day for our session, but Mother Nature came through for us with a stunning sunset. Before our session ended, we…

Lourdes Camp Engagement Session, Skaneateles, NY ♥ Martha & CJ

We just adored Martha and CJ’s engagement session at Lourdes Camp, in Skaneateles! It was a delightful fall afternoon and the perfect place to have their session, with all of the leaves changing colors!Lourdes Camp is situated right on Skaneateles Lake at Tenmile Point, where the scenic views from the beach are just breathtaking! They brought along their cute, furry little friend, “Boo”, who totally wanted to steal all the thunder away from them, right from the very start!He tried so hard, too! He was just so cute, that we couldn’t help but let him have a little bit of attention.The dry summer that turned into fall left the creek bed nice and dry – a perfect place to put these love birds for a portrait! Boo really didn’t give up on being the center of attention.In fact, he even upped his game as the session went on. But, Martha and CJ still managed to keep in a romantic mood despite the antics of their four-legged fur baby. Especially with the campfire, and some cuddles to keep them warm.Our time with them came to a close when the skies opened up and the rain that threatened the session all day finally made an appearance. But we didn’t mind a bit! What an awesome session this was, Marth and CJ (and Boo, too)! We really had a great time, and the two (or three) of you were so easy to work with! We are eager to be there with you again next year for the wedding! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all…

Ventosa Vineyards Engagement Session, Geneva, NY ♥ Lisa & Casey

Lisa and Casey’s engagement session started out at the beautiful Ventosa Vineyards, in Geneva. It was such a lovely autumn day and we had the vineyards all to ourselves, overlooking the sparkling Seneca Lake!Well, almost! This little fella wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After a few close ups, he let us get back to work.The pretty blue skies, and the golden autumn sun helped make some very pretty portraits!Oh, and we couldn’t leave without a photo of the donkeys. The kept their eyes on us to make sure we were doing a good job.After we left the vineyards, we headed over to Sampson State Park where Teddy joined us for a few portraits by the lake.It turned out to be a gorgeous evening, even though it was pretty cold at the end. We had a wonderful time with you three, Lisa and Casey, and we are super excited for your wedding next year! It’s going to be fabulous! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all good wishes) Colleen & Greg Be sure to watch the video below for more highlight images from their session! Content, images, and video are © Solas Studios 2016Reproduction, screen captures, and use of content are prohibited without written permission.…

Critz Farms Engagement Session, Cazenovia, NY ♥ Caitlin & Edmund

We are so happy to share Caitlin and Edmund’s Critz Farms Engagement Session! We got quite a giggle out of the fact that they were worried about looking awkward in their portraits, especially since they look so natural and fun! We had the farm to ourselves… well mostly. There were some pretty nosey animals, that just had to watch everything we were doing. The goats and the donkeys definitely made their presence known, and gave their approval while we worked.It was nice being able to have their session at a place they have enjoyed spending time at. And while it’s not quite time to start picking out Christmas trees, they sure did look pretty with Caitlin and Ed standing next to them.We finished up their session with a cool shot outside the barn. Their sweet silhouette behind them was a fun little bonus to what was already going to be a dramatic portrait! Thank you so much, Caitlin and Edmund, for spending your evening with us, while we played and had some fun on the farm. A big thank-you to Critz Farms for letting us come by, and giving us some wheels to get around! Really looking forward to working with you two again one year from tomorrow on your wedding day! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all good wishes) Colleen & Greg Be sure to watch the video below for more highlight images from their session! Content, images, and video are © Solas Studios 2016Reproduction, screen captures, and use of content are prohibited without written permission.…

Ithaca Engagement Session, Cornell Plantations and Myers Park ♥ Laura & Patrick

Engagement Sessions are our absolute favorite, and Laura and Patrick’s session in Ithaca was no exception! It was a warm and sunny autumn evening and the beautiful flower gardens at the Cornell Plantations gave us the perfect pops of color to spice up their portraits.   After some fun and romantic portraits at the plantations, we headed over to nearby Myers Park to get some sunset portraits by the lighthouse. The sky gave us a stunning array of colors to use as the backdrop for some silhouettes facing the west side of the fantastic Cayuga Lake. It was an absolutely awesome little adventure with you, Laura and Patrick! Thank you for tagging along with us, and making it a very enjoyable engagement session and sunset for us! We look forward to the wedding next year! Congratulations! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all good wishes) Colleen & Greg Be sure to watch the video below for more highlight images from their session! Content, images, and video are © Solas Studios 2016Reproduction, screen captures, and use of content are prohibited without written permission.  …

Lakeside Engagement Session, Ontario, NY ♥ Christina & Conor

We had an epic evening with Christina and Conor for their lakeside engagement session in Ontario. They chose to have their session overlooking the beautiful Lake Ontario, on a privately-owned family cottage.The cottage, nestled in a quiet, wooded area, made for a peaceful and romantic setting for their portraits.No shortage of paths, greenery, and charm, it provided the perfect backdrop for their portraits celebrating their engagement.The lake views were breathtaking, giving the couple something to enjoy, and us some great opportunities to spice up their portraits!The photos by the rocks are some of our favorites – don’t they look so adorable together?The setting sun made for some beautiful warm light, and the skies above the water looked more like paintings.We had such a great time with them, and can’t wait for their wedding next year! It’s always a pleasure to return to one of our favorite venues, and with this sweet couple it’s sure to be an amazing day! Congratulations, Christina and Conor! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all good wishes) Colleen & Greg Be sure to watch the video below for more highlight images from their session! Content, images, and video are © Solas Studios 2016Reproduction, screen captures, and use of content are prohibited without written permission.…

Engagement Session at SUNY Cortland and Syracuse, NY ♥ Sarah + Adam

One of the first things Sarah and Adam mentioned to us, when they contacted us after their engagement, was that they had “Bruce”, their feline fur baby. They saw our special page about Smeagól, and that’s what first attracted them to us! We’ve come to notice that we attract a lot of pet owners, and that’s quite alright with us! It was no surprise that Sarah and Adam wanted Bruce to be a part of their engagement session. So since Bruce is not much of fan of travel, we started our evening with them at their apartment, for a quick session with Bruce. Cats are usually curious in nature, and can be hard to make friends with. Bruce was no exception. The first image in our blog tonight, was actually a happy accident, during a test shot for lighting, that Colleen took upon our arrival. Hilariously enough, it was very indicative of how Bruce reacted to us being in his home. He crept around the apartment for a few minutes, checking out not only us, but also our gear. He warmed up to us only slightly, so my guess is he’s not a Canon shooter. Now I don’t claim to be a cat whisperer, but you can pretty much tell by the look on a cat’s face what he’s thinking. This one had “Are you for real?” written all over his face. After a few minutes of shooting, Bruce got bored with us, and we took that as our cue to get on the road to Cortland. All day it…
Wedding at The Genesee Grande, Syracuse, NY ♥ Sarah + AdamAugust 21, 2015 - 1:50 pm

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Engagement Session at Pulteney Park and Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY ♥ Kara + Nick

Kara and Nick were such a great couple to photograph! If we didn’t know better, we would have thought that they had done this before. As awkward as they may have thought they were going to be, they were very relaxed, and had no problem forgetting that we were even there! The light was perfect for their evening engagement session in Geneva, and we started out near the historic Row Houses on South Main Street. We had the perfect opportunity, with the parade going on down the road, to get some shots of the two of them around town. Considering that it’s an otherwise busy area, we encountered hardly any people, giving these two a chance to be cute and romantic, with only a couple of hecklers. Making our way down to Pulteney Park, we stopped for some beautiful sun-lit portraits, before getting to the unique water fountain, that sparked some childhood memories and giggles for Nick. Before heading off to meet up with Eva, the couple’s German Shepherd, we stopped for a quick gaze at the picturesque Seneca Lake. Afterward, we took a short drive to the Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where we greeted with some VERY LOUD “Hellos!” from Eva. Though all bark and no bite, not gonna lie, we initially thought we would be leaving with a couple less limbs. I’m guessing she sensed we were cat owners, and decided to express her feelings on that. As long as she was cuddling with her humans, she was a happy pup! We finished up their session by…
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Wedding at The White Farm Bed + Breakfast, Brockport NY ♥ Casey + Samuel

It was so obvious early on, that Casey and Samuel were going to be a blast to work with. And ironically, they are our second couple who are both Pharmacists. We can’t even put into words how much fun it was getting to do their E-session, but we hope the pictures speak for themselves. If you have not seen them, you can view them here, and we recommend you do, since they were disgustingly adorable. Such a light-hearted and fun couple could have nothing short of a perfect wedding day, and despite a little bit of rain showers, nothing dampened their love on their beautiful day. And the rain clouds knew better than to hang around for long, but left them with such a beautiful sky for the back drop of their portraits that evening. Casey and Sam selected one venue for their entire day. The White Farm Bed and Breakfast in Brockport is not known for hosting wedding events, but the couple and the owners really outdid themselves to make this place one of our favorites. With the help of their friends and family they decorated it to be one of the most romantic places you could imagine. Casey and her girls readied in a beautiful vintage room, and the boys got ready in another room just down the hall. Outside the family set up the tables, with beautiful place settings, complete with table name cards, named after common pharmaceutical drugs. What a fun way to personalize their wedding tables! Christine Hunt of the White Farm, provided the flowers…
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