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Lourdes Camp Engagement Session, Skaneateles, NY ♥ Martha & CJ

We just adored Martha and CJ’s engagement session at Lourdes Camp, in Skaneateles! It was a delightful fall afternoon and the perfect place to have their session, with all of the leaves changing colors!Lourdes Camp is situated right on Skaneateles Lake at Tenmile Point, where the scenic views from the beach are just breathtaking! They brought along their cute, furry little friend, “Boo”, who totally wanted to steal all the thunder away from them, right from the very start!He tried so hard, too! He was just so cute, that we couldn’t help but let him have a little bit of attention.The dry summer that turned into fall left the creek bed nice and dry – a perfect place to put these love birds for a portrait! Boo really didn’t give up on being the center of attention.In fact, he even upped his game as the session went on. But, Martha and CJ still managed to keep in a romantic mood despite the antics of their four-legged fur baby. Especially with the campfire, and some cuddles to keep them warm.Our time with them came to a close when the skies opened up and the rain that threatened the session all day finally made an appearance. But we didn’t mind a bit! What an awesome session this was, Marth and CJ (and Boo, too)! We really had a great time, and the two (or three) of you were so easy to work with! We are eager to be there with you again next year for the wedding! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all…

Engagement Session at Mirbeau Inn & Spa, Skaneateles, NY ♥ Megan + Matthew

There’s always “firsts” for everything right? Like the first time photographing an engagement session at the beautiful Mirbeau Inn & Spa. The first time photographing a couple who got sick with the flu the morning of their session, the first time we had a groom-to-be describe himself as “grumpy”, and the first time we needed lots of tissues for something other than tears of joy. Also the first time we were a little scared that the groom-to-be might make a run for it when we weren’t looking. He told us he didn’t smile (which we later found to be completely untrue, when he looked at his lovely lady). We may have had a bit of a rocky start, as we worked to gain the affection of Matthew, but Megan took it all in stride and we all eventually got him to come around. As cat owners and lovers, we are quite accustomed to having to work for affection, and while we didn’t resort to kitty treats, we did use a little bribery by keeping him going with a few “just one more photo” lines. We captured a couple of images where he was totally calling us out on our lies. In all seriousness, we give them so much credit for sticking it out, and being pleasant despite feeling terrible. Though he presented with a gruff exterior, it was very clear that Matthew only has eyes for Megan, and they really are a wonderful match. Thank you both so much for having a sense of humor about your being sick, and…

Engagement Session in Skaneateles, NY ♥ Nikki + Kevin

Our epic weekend concluded with an engagement session for Nikki & Kevin, at Nine Mile Creek, and Skaneateles Lake, with their sassy Golden Retriever, Arya! Nikki and Kevin are the proud parents of such a beautiful fur-kid, so when they asked to include her in their engagement session, there was absolutely no doubt that she SHOULD be there! As proud pet-owners ourselves, we know how much pets seem more like family than they do just an animal to take care of. When we saw Nikki and Kevin interacting with Arya, we knew she was more like their baby, then she was “just a dog”. Ironically, Kevin casually mentioned that he would like a portrait of just Arya, “since the family loved her more than they did him”! We don’t know about that, but we do know that Arya was very photogenic, and had zero qualms about being in a portrait all by herself. We started their session at the peaceful Nine Mile Creek, where the natural, woodsy backdrop provided a great spot for some portraits, and later a fantastic opportunity for Arya to get her paws wet! After a dip in the creek, we said “goodbye” to our new four-legged friend, and headed off to Skaneateles Lake for some pictures of “Mom and Dad” alone. When we arrived, we started out at Shotwell Memorial Park, and got some photographs with the resident ducks, and by the water fountain. As the sun began to set, we took a short walk over to the pier that overlooks the crystal clear Skaneateles Lake.…

Engagement Session in Skaneateles, NY ♥ Erin + Vinny

We’re very happy to introduce Erin and Vinny, and their fantastic engagement session in the Village of Skaneateles, to you! It’s one of Central New York’s most beautiful villages to see, and to spend an evening! We can’t say enough about what a gorgeous autumn day it was, with the golden sunshine, pretty blue skies riddled with fluffy clouds, followed by a perfect sunset! We started the session right in the village, in front of St. James Episcopal Church, and then lazily wandered across town, stopping at several spots along the way, capturing some sweet images of an even sweeter couple! As we approached the pier at Clift Park, we were joyfully joined by “Wylie”, Erin and Vinny’s Boston Terrier – ready for his close-ups, wearing his bow tie! After a couple of head shots, and a handful of treats, Wylie let the couple wander off to the Skaneateles Lake Pier for some romantic photos by the water. Mother Nature kindly lent us a breathtaking backdrop for the their photos, as we wrapped up their session! Thank you so much Erin, Vinny, and Wylie, for coming out to play with us on such a great day! We really enjoyed spending the evening with you guys, and anxiously look forward to your wedding next year, at one of our favorite places – The LakeWatch Inn! Le gach dea-ghuí, (With all good wishes) Colleen & Greg…
JoAnn McKinneyOctober 20, 2014 - 9:53 pm

So Beautiful !

Norm WilberOctober 20, 2014 - 10:48 pm

The pictures are all beautiful, but the one with Wylie with his eyes looking to the side reminded us of years ago, ARE YOU TAKING ME A PICTURE!!

Ellen Bivona NiemczykOctober 21, 2014 - 1:33 am

Beautiful pictures.

Nancie Niemczyk MoranOctober 21, 2014 - 1:40 am

stunning photos!!! Love them all!!!! <3 <3 All our best wishes! XOXO

Vincent VitkovichOctober 21, 2014 - 2:13 am

My Name is Vinny and my beautiful daughters name is Erin, so I Like it.

Mary Grace Panzarella LopezOctober 21, 2014 - 3:40 am

Beautiful. The babies are getting older! Remember!

Thomas FerraroOctober 21, 2014 - 9:16 pm

Absolutely beautiful pictures. So looking forward to your wedding and sharing your very special day with you. Enjoy every moment.

Karen Occhipinti FerraroOctober 21, 2014 - 9:24 pm

Ditto with Thomas Ferraro’s comment.

Wedding at The LakeWatch Inn, Ithaca, NY ♥ Erin + Vinny » Solas Studios PhotographyJune 10, 2015 - 4:15 pm

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Wedding at The Lodge at Welch Allyn, Skaneateles NY ♥ Christie + Ryan

Ryan + Christie were without a doubt our “sweetest” couple this year! Owners of one of our absolute FAVORITE place to get chocolaty treats – Marcellus’ very own Chocolate Pizza Company! (By the way, if you haven’t sampled their chocolate before, we highly recommend that you do! The Peanut Butter Wings are our favorite!) Anyway, before this blog turns entirely into an advertisement for confections, let’s get back to Christie + Ryan, the real sweethearts! Their wedding day began with Christie and her girls at the Holiday Inn in Auburn, and Ryan and his gentlemen at the Chocolate Pizza Company in Marcellus. Both Christie and Ryan were laid back, and enjoyed some laughs with their attendants as they dressed for their wedding day. Christie and the girls were driven in style by a beautiful limo bus to St. Francis Xavier Church, also nestled in the “sweet” little village of Marcellus. There they exchanged vows presented by Reverend Daniel Muscalino. Following their ceremony, they exited the church while guests blew bubbles in their honor. They boarded the limo bus, for the short ride down the street for a few formal pictures at the Chocolate Pizza Company with some special Chocolate Pizzas made especially for their wedding celebration. After the quick trip, we zoomed back over to the church for their family portraits. Mother Nature was so happy for the couple, her tears graced the day. So a “Plan B” was elected, and off to Hoopes Park in Auburn we went for the photos of the bridal party! During the formals session,…

Wedding at Chanetelle Marie Lakehouse and Skaneateles Country Club ♥ Emily + Jason

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for Emily and Jason’s wedding.  Even a little bit of rain did not dampen their spirits or their joy on their special day. We first met them back in the winter, with their four-legged friend Grady, for an Engagement Session in beautiful Skaneateles. Visit their session blog here, if you missed out. We were so excited about getting to follow them around on their gorgeous wedding day! The day began with the ladies getting ready at Emily’s parents’ home, right in the heart of Skaneateles. The sun kept peeking out in between the rain drops, as everyone readied for the ceremony. The guys awaited the big event at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Auburn. Later they shared a few laughs inside the barn at the breathtaking Chantelle Marie Lakehouse, overlooking one of our favorite of the Finger Lakes – Owasco Lake. Emily and Jason carefully selected this quiet and special venue to celebrate their nuptials. As time grew closer, Mother Nature decided for one last rain before the celebration really began. As the ladies arrived at Chantelle Marie, the rain almost seemed like it would never stop. Coming down in buckets, the groomsmen ushered the guests under the protection of big umbrellas to the ceremony. And while she has been nothing but kind to our brides, Mother Nature does have a sense of humor.  She decided the rain would only stop once the bride stepped foot out of the bus! For the rest of the day, however, she shined happiness down…

Engagement Session at Anyela’s Vineyard in Skaneateles ♥ Emily + Jason

Meeting up for an E-session in winter… what would you expect here in Central New York? Snow? Yeah, forget it! Now once Spring officially hits however…. that’s another blog post! When we booked our session with Emily and Jason, we were prepared for snow. Gently put, Mother Nature has been very kind to us over the years, but when we would like a little snow to make pretty photos, we tend to fall a little bit on the short end of the stick. However, even the lack of snow didn’t get these two love birds down. We started off our afternoon together at Anyela’s Vineyards in Skaneateles. When we arrived, Emily and Jason had the place to themselves, and were warming up by the beautiful fireplace with some wine. Nothing like a little something to relax yourself for a photo session! After a few photos inside, we ventured outside the building to the patio down by the wine cellar. A sweet place for photos, for sure! After grabbing a bottle of wine for us to take home (which was mighty tasty Riesling we might add), we headed back into the village to meet up with their four-legged pal, Grady! I don’t know if he was happier to be reunited with his parents, or to have his picture taken. Either way, he was a fantastic subject while we took some photos in Clift Park and around the village of Skaneateles. We wrapped up our afternoon with a few shots at Thayer Park, near the garden donated in honor of Emily’s grandmother,…
Wedding at Chanetelle Marie Lakehouse and Skaneateles Country Club ♥ Emily + Jason » Solas StudiosJuly 21, 2013 - 5:28 pm

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Deborah + Brian = Married | Sneak Peek | Wedding Photography at St. Mary’s of the Lake, Skaneateles NY, & The Springside Inn Auburn NY

An unseasonably warm day with temperatures in the 60’s, is really remarkable for Central New York at the end of November! Deborah and Brian were so lucky to be graced with such a gorgeous day, with which to celebrate their love for each other. The leaves may have long fallen from the trees, but the sun and warm breezes made it feel more like Spring than almost Winter! Not only were they celebrating their wedding, but also Deborah was celebrating her birthday! What a special day it will always be for both of you. Thank you, Deborah and Brian, for choosing us to be part of such a memorable occasion.  …

Katie + Chris = Married | Sneak Peak | Wedding Photography in Skaneateles, NY

Just a few Sneak Peeks for the friends and family of Chris and Katie Cormier to see, as we begin the editing process! We hope you enjoy seeing some highlights of their beautiful day, and can’t wait to show you more soon! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Cormier!…