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Wedding and Reception Venues & Locations List

Here you will find a list we have compiled of some really great wedding or reception venues and locations around New York State. There are SO many we could name, so if we’ve forgotten to add a really good one, please let us know! This list is only a reference for you as a resource,...

Syracuse CNY Photography Location List

Below is a list of some locations and ideas for wedding formal portraits, engagement sessions or family sessions in the Syracuse area, CNY and surrounding areas. We’ve used almost all of the ones listed here at one time or another. Most are public places, but some may require a permit or special permission to use...

How to choose a wedding photographer and the questions to ask them!

You’re in the planning stages of your wedding, and it’s finally time to decide which wedding photographer to hire. It’s important to find a good wedding photographer that can accomplish the images you envision for your wedding day, and someone who you mesh well with and feel comfortable with . Personality, Charisma & Disposition. Being...

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