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Wedding at The LakeWatch Inn, Ithaca, NY ♥ Trisha + Eddie

We were ever so happy to be invited again to the LakeWatch Inn, in Ithaca, this time to celebrate the country-inspired wedding of Trisha + Eddie! This couple made their mark, the very first time we spoke to them on the phone! We barely had gotten past the “Hi, how are you’s?” before Eddie blurted out his first question to us: “Do you offer discounts to really good looking couples?” Of course we replied by telling them that they would have to send us a photo for us to be able to decide. And before we finished our chat – they did! Their sense of humor, and lighthearted personalities were our first sign that we would love to work with them!We started their wedding day by meeting them both at the Hampton Inn, while they primped and readied for their “first Look” session. When they were all ready, we headed to Myers Park to capture the bride and groom as they saw each other dressed for their wedding day. After some formal portraits, we got back on the road, headed for the LakeWatch Inn, for the official beginning of their celebration. Before the ceremony, the bride had an emotional embrace with her Dad, as he finally saw his little girl as a bride. The nuptials began with a tearful hand off from the bride’s father to her handsome groom-to-be. Their ceremony garnered lots of laughs, tears of joy, and ended with a triumphant hand raise from Eddie. A wonderful barbeque-style meal was served by Nicole, and all the staff at…