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Engagement Session at Green Lakes, Fayetteville, NY ♥ Ashley + Matt

Ashley and Matt’s engagement session at Green Lakes is a perfect example of why we are always so busy in the fall! The amazing colors of autumn are so sought-after, that people will drive from all over the country for an opportunity to have their session with the backdrop of the fall foliage! Sometimes, however, even though it looks spectacular, you can’t tell in the photos that is was absolutely freezing! In fact, Ashley an Matt left the warmer temperatures of their home state to find snow on their way into New York. If you look closely at Greg’s mugshot here, you will see a few white flakes that were  floating around as we waited for Ashley and Matt to begin their session. We don’t always look cute when shooting an engagement session, but when we do, we’re wearing camo winter-wear! 🙂 Thankfully, they went away pretty quickly, because who is ready for that stuff? It didn’t warm up much, but it gave Ashley and Matt plenty of reason to be cuddly during their session! Green Lakes has so much to offer for a portrait session, and we did our best to hit up all the cool spots before their session ended. It was nice to get a little exercise, too, as we trekked around the lake. We made a complete loop around Green Lake, and made a quick stop off to Round Lake for a few portraits there. The trees at Round Lake were especially vibrant in color, and was a nice place for the lovebirds to stop and…